Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting closer to #phx

Phx Twitterati RSS

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Here's a dirty little secret of mine: I'm not a social person by nature. Ask my wife. She'll tell you that I'd become a hermit if it wasn't for her. Now while that might not be 100% accurate, it's not terribly far from the truth.

But just like Jules from Pulp Fiction, I'm trying. I'm trying real hard.

Recently, I've been flexing my wings at this via what I and others refer to as the Phoenix Twitterati -- an eclectic mix of people loosely organized by random "hey, let's go here" posts to Twitter. We grab coffee, have dinner, crash other meetings... whatever. It's totally organic.

In an effort to actually get to know these people better (140 characters and jokes about having no life can only teach you so much), I've decided to start subscribing to the RSS feeds created by these folks. I put them all into a special group, as I don't plan on checking these every day. But I would like to get to know more about them (OK, some of them). Skimming their personal/professional blogs seems like a good way.

So the next time we meet, #Phx Twitterati, don't be surprised if I ask how your vacation was.


  1. Evo,

    Are you offering to sponsor my vacation,? By the next time we see each other I probably will not have taken a vacation. AcmeWife and I are anxiously waiting to hear where you are sending us.


  2. Why, that's a great idea! What a great way to keep track of select tweeters and not miss it in the twitter drivel that passes through out the day on the main website, which I use the most.

    I'm definitely finding myself checking the #phx hashtag more often too, as I'd like to try harder myself. :)


  3. Adam,

    The south of Chandler is fantastic this time of year. How about an all-inclusive stay at Chateau del Evo? Pool is warming up...

  4. Sounds cool. I'm "tankilo" on twitter, and just opened

    What RSS reader do you use? I've just been using Google Reader.

  5. That's a picture of the side bar of Google Reader, though I've used a few others.

    Have fun blogging. I'll look for you at the next Tweetup.

  6. Evo thank u for everything (podcast old and new and everything else like this blog).Thanks


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