Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Fountain of Ideas™ needs your help

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I've got an idea I've been noodling with for a while. Since I jumped on the Pownce bandwagon today, it's on my mind more than ever. And in order to make this new idea a reality, I need some help. Who wants in?

I think this requires two people: a developer and a designer. First, the developer. The right person for this project should be familiar working with the APIs to various Web 2.0 sites and applications. Not just retrieving and displaying data, but also sending calls to the various web services. We'll be doing work on our own servers, and I'd like to stay as open source as possible. LAMP, Rails... don't really care. Scalability is a big deal on this project, so the final product will need to smoke.

Honestly, there's a lot less work for a designer (I think). Though we may decide to add some personalization stuff. That may keep someone busy. If push comes to shove, we borrow someone's time. Heavy CSS, with a clean and clutter-free design is what I'm looking for. You should be able to quickly crank out layouts (without a lot of input from me) that are not only cool, but easy to implement and modify.

As is my normal routine, I see this project as a free service. It could be sponsored with ads, I suppose. But making money off of this isn't my primary objective. The idea is to build a tool that I think the social media/networking community is really in need of, and then see where that takes us.

And in the interest of full disclosure: I'll put up the front money for this, which I honestly don't think will be that much. I'm looking for someone(s) who can take this idea, morph it into something workable and then work with me to bring it to reality.

If you are interested (and yeah, I'm serious about this), email me at my first name at the domain. I'd like to get started by the end of July and have a working prototype up quickly.


  1. Pownce shafts us linux users. I'd expect better from a mac fan like Kevin, but then it's based on an Adobe product. pfft!

    Note to developers, don't base your cool web apps on closed-source lamer software. I'm not jumping through any Wine or VM hoops just to run a glorified instant messenger.

    I KNOW Evo won't make this mistake in HIS secret project, RIGHT?

  2. Chris - You have my sacred word. There may not even be an installed widget on my project. But if there is, we'll try and make it as code-neutral as possible.


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