Monday, June 25, 2007

Less for Geeks to Fu over

Though we've created our own term for it, podfading isn't the exclusive property of podcasters. Books go unwritten, albums remain unfinished, construction projects abruptly end and companies close down divisions. "The End" is as natural as change, birth and renewal. The truth that all good things come to an end has yet to be proven wrong.

When Mur's announcement hit today, I can't say that I was surprised. She started out with a single and occasional show, met some jerk who demanded more from her (guilty) and proceeded to take on new projects with an abandon reserved for the clinically insane. I'm comfortable saying these things because I've walked a megabyte in her shoes.

Priorities change. Needs are fulfilled in other ways. Itches have innovative ways of getting scratched. Often times, this causes some things to come to a natural end. You may not be OK with that. And that's OK, too. We produce. You listen. Either party may cancel the contract at anytime. The world goes on.

I'll miss Geek Fu Action Grip, but I know there are plenty of places where I can still hear (and watch) Mur in action:


  1. I can only say it differently, not better - I heartily agree.

  2. Think of all the people who can now recognize her, by her voice alone. That is so cool! One thing that has been the unifying thread in all the new media (podcasts, podiobooks, blogs, etc..) is that there has been a common personal aspect on the part of the purveyors. When the fun is gone, that whole component goes away and we all lose out.


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