Monday, November 7, 2011

Not dead yet. 1 week after the end of the #BrewDiet


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It's been a full week after the end of the #BrewDiet. You'll recall that's when I spent the month of October subsisting on sausage and beer. Yes, I'm serious. You're probably wondering one of the following:

Have you fallen off the wagon yet?

What do you mean, yet? Dick. But no, I'm not. Just hopped off the home scales. They read the same thing they did last week. The trick is portion control. And that I want to keep in mind. Always.

I bet you were sick and tired of beer and sausage, huh?

Not in the least. In fact, I'm continuing to make beer a big part of my diet. Once you get accustomed to having a beer for breakfast, it's kinda hard to go without. I've been to two beer-centric events since the end of the diet, including the fantastic RAREaffair™ put on by The Beer for Brains Foundation. Not just the best beer event I've ever attended. It might have been the best event ever.

I'm still eating sausage, though not exclusively. Now I'm experimenting with different combinations. Like madras lentils and beer-braised bratwurst. Exquisite!

What was the first thing you ate after the #BrewDiet was over?

A single piece of pizza from Otto Pizza. Very tasty. And I was full afterward.

How screwed up are your liver enzymes and cholesterol?

Not in the least. My doctor finally got off his ass found time in his busy schedule to write a blog post from the final time I saw him. He says:

... his triglyceride level dropped by half, his cholesterol dropped by a third, and his “good” cholesterol increased.  There was never an increase or a blip in any of the liver enzymes.  His fat mass dropped, the only non-fat mass of his that decreased was that tissue associated with and supporting the fat mass (I know, sounds complicated).  His muscle mass maintained itself.

You'll want to read the whole piece, as Terry takes a scientific look at some conventional wisdom we have about weight loss.

So... what's next?

I keep on keepin' on. Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off for the long term not so much. So I'm trying to keep it up. And I'm also working on some extensions of the experience. Maybe a book. Maybe a presentation or two. Maybe more things than that.

I'll check in from time to time with progress. Thanks for playing along at home!

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  1. So, I followed this all quite closely - two final questions:

    1) Do you have a list of the various sausages you ate, how they were prepared, etc.? I'm guessing you weren't eating frozen breakfast sausage every day. :)

    2) Did you have a discussion with your employer about the beer consumption and your work?


  2. 1. Sort of. Each day I tracked what I ate and drank. But as the bulk of the weekly intake was prepared in advance, there aren't many details on some. But the fancy stuff, sure!

    2. I certainly did. One of the benefits of working in advertising. All praise the Mad Men era!

  3. Actually, this diet makes a fair amount of sense. Portion control is key, of course. It jives well with the Zone Diet and, except for the beer, the Paleo diet. In my experience it's the corn, flour and sugar that makes you fat and screws you up.

    Check out Eat. Stop. Eat. as well.

  4. I think I'll try scotch and cigars next time. You want in on that?

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