Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The best zombie book you're not reading

Stop whatever it is that you are doing. Because whatever it is (likely reading this post on-site or through your reader), it pales in comparison with the directive I am about to give you.

Purchase Feed by Mira Grant. You can get it for your Kindle. Or if you prefer the dead tree version, buy that. Want it on Nook? Fine. Want it on some other format. Fine. Break the crappy DRM with any number of easy tools and re-format it with Calibre to your heart's desire. I do not give a shit.

All I do give a shit about is that you immediately -- that means now -- purchase Feed by Mira Grant.

No, this isn't some shameless ploy to rush the charts. The book has been out for over a year. This is me telling you that it is one of the finest books I've read this year.

And I don't shill. You know that.

What, you say you don't like zombie books? This isn't a zombie book. Sure, there are zombies in the book. But the book isn't about zombies.

It's about fear. Fear of the government. Fear of our neighbors. Fear of the media. Fear of something we've never known. Or have all too quickly forgotten.

It's about strength. The strength of one's own convictions. Strength that comes from staring adversity in the face and telling to fuck all the way off. Strength of friendships forged by something other than Facebook.

It's about betrayal. Using other people. Petty self-interests. Conspiracy. Loss. And more things that will make you uncomfortable.

It's a book I think all of you reading this right now will love -- deeply love. If not, I'll buy you a beer next time we meet.

Why are you still here? You have a book to purchase. Now.


  1. The audio edition is pretty good, too.

  2. @KJ - Ah, were it only available in serialized audio version. :)

    @TD - That's because I'm ALWAYS excited about those two things. Other things are more rare, and worth it to others beyond me.

  3. Actually, I am reading it. Well, not this second, but I'm maybe 3/4 through it. I've had it since it came out, but put off reading it because I don't like zombies. The sequel, Deadline, is out now, too.

  4. Nope. Not gonna do what you tell me.
    Well, mostly 'cuz I bought it a couple weeks ago and just read it this last weekend. OMG! Such a good book!


  5. @Nolly - Started Deadline last night.

    @HZ - Good call. Glad you're liking it!

  6. iBook link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/feed/id358904333?mt=11

    And I'm with Tyler, if you're excited, its worth checking out.


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