Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dashing new shoes

Like any good husband, I can't say no to my wife. That's why I'm doing the Warrior Dash in April. Take a 5K run, mix it with a load of obstacles (yeah, obstacles) starting at the halfway mark, toss in a dash of Viking-inspired hats, and you've got the run. Oh, and a beer at the end. So that's something. Though I think it's shitty beer. May bring my own.

And at 10:30 on Sunday April 30th, I'll be joining other dumb-asses in this self-induced torture.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="New Kicks"]My new running shoes[/caption]Training has been going less-than-spectacularly. Shin-splints like I've never suffered before. Like would just rather lie down and chop my legs off painful. Seriously ouch.

So I took a quick poll of the conventional wisdom (yeah, not very skeptical of me) and decided to invest in some quality running shoes. Saucony brand from The Running Store for those keeping track. I've made two trips in them so far and can say (yes, I know it's an anecdote) that my shins feel much better. That's a good thing, since I spent a couple of weeks' groceries on the damned shoes.

I really struggled with posting this here. This blog is ostensibly about the fun things I'm doing. And right now, this whole running thing isn't anywhere near fun. In fact, it's so far from fun that light from fun takes millions of years to reach it.

But I shall persevere. Or die. In pain.


  1. For the masochists, pain is fun. Don't the obstacles in the Warrior Dash include fire, mud, and other fun stuff? Totally worth a few weeks of painful training!

    Paying for quality running shoes sucks, but it's so worth it in the end. See you on race day.

  2. Spoken like a masochist. But you see, I'm a sadist. Hence the conflict.

  3. While I applaud your desire to please your wife, I will never understand why people run. I'm building myself to be able to walk 5K, but that is only so I can keep up with my husband whose idea of a fun vacation usually involves a lot of walking. To me the only exercise that makes sense is the type that relates to something I will have to do in my regular life. That said, I'm usually a weepy soggy mess when I watch movies that involve marathons and that last straggler is making it across the finish line :-).

  4. I never have liked running, Dani. Not movies about marathons.

  5. You're not alone. I'm doing one in June here in Ohio. I'll look forward to hearing how you liked...tolerated...fared during the event.!

  6. Great, Miller. Now I not only have to beat my wife, but keep track of the time so I can see if I beat YOU!

  7. Wow, you sound like my husband! He and my teenage daughter are going to do the Warrior Dash with me in May. We've done lots of runs together before, so he's not totally opposed to running. Fuzzy helmets! Fire! Mud! C'mon, you're going to have a great time. Probably should bring the good beer (do you brew?) Try doing some extra stretching before and after your runs, it helps with the shin splints. Good luck! (And can't wait to meet you at SiglerFest!)

  8. Not a home brewer, though I do collect brewing-friends.


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