Friday, January 8, 2010

Social media defined

Ask a dozen social media experts to define social media and you'll get a score of different answers. I don't understand this. The concept just isn't that hard.

I sat down with local-legend Jeff Moriarty to prove that very fact. Luckily for us -- hell, for you -- Joe Holt was there to capture the definition of social media on video.

It's simple. It's elegant. It's completey accessible. It's the type of advice anyone can quickly and easily implement immediately. Social media doesn't need to be hard.*

* - But who says it can't be funny?

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  1. Oh man. And they pay you people for this stuff?

    Best laugh of the day!

  2. "i think your meat is covered."

    So made of win and might.

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  4. Personally, I think it should be FUN!! If it's not fun, it's not EEYUH!! Social FUNia...

  5. Dude, you rock. See you on the light rail on Sunday (well, when we get to downtown, maybe, I'm starting out on the West Side).

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