Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The time-sink is in the details

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Details matter. And I suck at them. My posts, updates, emails and damn near every form of communication is littered with typos. I go fast. I'd like to slow down. I'd like to catch them before they get published. I know I need to. But...

Time, you know?

Speed to market is important. Some bloggers post 10x a day. I'm working on going daily and seriously considering multiple posts per day. But if I do that, I'll have to go even faster. It can't take me an hour to write, edit, and correct if I'm going for 2 - 3 per day.

But I need to. I need to find the time to not only write, but to edit. Tools only go so far. People who don't know me will judge me based on my attention to detail... or lack thereof. There's no excuse for not taking the time to do it right.


I know I won't get there immediately. And I'll probably stumble. But I'm trying.

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  1. Awesome, interesting and thoughtful content trumps typos all the time I know you want to appear professional, and a morass of misspelling will probably eventually turn some people off, but if the content is good and the errors are minimal, most people will forgive. Looking forward to reading more content for you.

  2. Thanks, Drew. More is coming. And hopefully, better.

  3. Typos are one thing, but multiple spelling and grammatical errors are not. Just go, man. We get it.


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