Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Social Media Triage LIVE on Ustream.tv - Alpha launch

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For months now I've been talking about Social Media Triage. It's all about quick and actionable tactics -- course corrections, if you will -- for your current social and new media efforts. Hey, sometimes an outside eye helps. And lords know I've made enough mistakes in this field over time.

I've decided to try and use the power of live internet video to help me get this out to the greater world. Yes, a full 1.5 hour session of SMT does cost money, but the live video I do weekly (?) will be free. I might as well eat my own dog poo, since I preach that giving away free content can and does lead to sales. So here I go!

Right now, this is VERY much an alpha project. I did something similar last weekend specifically to Podiobooks.com authors and producers. It'll be for an hour, so come on over and ask questions.

Please note that this is specifically designed for newbies, for folks who need help. I do not want to see my social and new media buddies show up and turn this into yet another social event. You're welcome to hang out in the wings and offer up your $0.02, but please understand the intent. I won't take offense if I don't see a pile of friends in there.

There are several ways you can RSPV and get more info:

So come on over and pick my brain for an hour this coming Saturday. After that... we'll see!

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