Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rape survivor stories wanted

I've been helping Susan Bartelstone get her feet wet in the social media space for several months now. She is the host of her own talk radio program, Crime Prevention 101, aired on the internet radio station Voice America. She's asked me to get the word out about a special show she is doing, and to help her solicit call in guests. So with that:

No more rapeImage by Steve Rhodes via FlickrAre you a rape or crime survivor who would be willing to relate your story to a wide global audience over the airwaves on the Internet in an effort to further the healing process and perhaps help others in a similar situation?

Looking for call-in guests on 1/17 at 2pm EST on the Crime Prevention 101 Internet talkradio show on You'll be speaking with Personal Safety expert and talk show host Susan Bartelstone and the hosts of the Rape Declaration Forum and you'll have free space to explain, in depth, the trauma you suffered and the results and lessons learned. The emphasis is how you've put what happened into perspective and got on with your life.

If interested, the call in number is 866-472-5788. Call-ins can be anonymous (this is guaranteed), if requested.

Susan does a great show. She's pushing 20 years of years as a person safety expert, whether that's preventing identity theft, choosing the right alarm for your home or how to take out the jerk who just tried to steal your purse. Together, we've been pressuring Voice America to release a podcast-version of her show. Yep. Calendar says its 2009.

But in the meantime, she'd make a great guest on your podcast. Her contact details are on her website,

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