Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maybe I'm a fanboy afterall?

Last weekend was incredibly busy. No, NJ didn't have a lot of hockey games. Yes, we finished up all the taxes stuff last week. Funny how people like me tend to fill up any available slots, huh?

The tone for the weekend was established Thursday evening, as The Lovely Wife and I shuffled off to a beer tasting event with Dale and Chris from the Oskar Blues brewery at Whole Foods in Chandler. I'm a fan of Dale's Pale Ale (always my "default" beer if nothing else strikes my fancy) and even us hop-juice fans enjoy the sweet taste of Old Chub from time to time. But I was blown-the-flock-away by Gordon. Sublime. And being one of the first people in AZ to actually drink a Ten Fidy was something special, to be sure.

The next evening, we dashed off to watch the Skirt Chaser 5K at Tempe Town Lake. Well, The Lovely Wife watched and photographed the race and the tunes afterwards. Me? I was there to drink more free beer. Yep, sponsored by Oskar Blues. And while I drank plenty of their free beer and ate some of the beer-butt chicken, I also managed to get volunteered to help out. Hey, take almost 1000 thirsty and hungry racers hot off the finish line looking for something to drink, add to the fact that these guys are letting me drink their beer for free: hell yeah I'm gonna help! (You can just see my left hand in the beer tub in the image to the left.)

After that... things got fuzzy. I'm pretty sure we went to watch NJ's hockey game. I vaguely recall dinner after that. But Saturday and Sunday were a blast, too. I'll talk about them once She's got the images up from those events. You can go about your business until that time. Move along.


  1. Hi Evo

    I'm not sure where I could have posted and said this - but....

    I would like to offer you a BIG Thank You! Without Podcasting For Dummies, my partner, Ruth and I would never have stepped into the world of podcasting. Without the inspiration and guidance of your work, I would never have even thought of podcasting, let alone thoguht of producing my own.

    As a result, our podcast, the Celtic Myth Podshow, is up and running. If you get the time in your busy schedule to have a listen, you'll find us at http://celticmythpodshow.com and you'll be able to laugh at our first stumbling steps!

    If some strange dude called Sylvarwolf says hello to you on Twitter, that'll be me. The other half is Faerieruth.

    Be well, and know that we really are grateful for the work that you do and have done.

    Thank you


  2. Yeah, that night they pretty much got me too. I'm crazy in love with OB.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Gary. Glad the book helped out.

    And Charlie: damn skippy.


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