Sunday, November 25, 2007

Totally screwed by Apple

Oh I am not a happy man. Earlier today, I installed the latest update from Apple. I've not yet made the switch to Leopard, as I like to let things get a little settled before I take the plunge. But I'm *very* good about installing the auto-updates from Apple when my system alerts me.

Perhaps now, not so much.

The latest one caused my system to hang at the boot progress. Using The Lovely Wife's lappy, I checked the Apple forums, only to find that many others were reporting the same problem. Long story short -- the fix which was working for most wouldn't work for me because of disk space issues. And while I just did a backup on Saturday, I now find out that was only a data backup... that didn't include my programs.

So I'm a little screwed right now. Actually, I'm a lot screwed right now. But what the hell. Shit happens. Good time for me to make the switch to as many web-based apps as I can, I guess. Could be quiet from me for a while as I figure out passwords, important websites and such. Oh, and email. Think that's totally gone, too.



  1. Have you tried booting the nefarious machine in target disk mode (Apple-T at startup)? And then connect to it from the wife's laptop via Firewire, delete a couple things (or copy/move them) on the nefarious machine to allow more disk space, and then do the non-destructive fix?

    Also - Carbon copy cloner is free, and a great way to make an exact mirror that you can boot up from at any time. I have an external drive that I back up to (programs and all) once a month. That way, even if the Apple gods frown upon me, swap a drive (and/or boot from the external), and I'm back in business in a few minutes.

  2. Probably too late for this but...

    I had the same problem on my MacBook Pro.
    - I held down the "D" key when the load screen hanged. It started right up.
    - Once up I reselected the startup disk.
    - Then I left the machine on for 24 hours.

    The problem disappeared.

    It seems like Apple is letting more and more half-baked stuff through the gates. I can no longer consider dropping their new products into my critical workflow -- darn.


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