Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Twitter vs Jaiki - Round Two

Jaiku, a Twitter-like service that caught the eye of Leo Leport earlier this year, is being purchased by the Daddy of Big Dogs, Google. I first told you about Jaiku some time ago. After that, I pretty much left it alone, though I did manage to feed in all of my various RSS feeds into it. Great as a "what is Evo doing on any given project right now" feed, but less a place for communications to develop.

So what does this mean to new media content producers and social media mavens? Well... nothing specific, really. Twitter, Jaiku... lots of services are being employed by many of us in the new media space as ways to distribute information to our audiences.

In practice, it means that I'll spend the better part of tonight and the next several days adding lots more friend requests, as Twitter folks decide to create a Jaiku profile as well. If the balance shits -- and the interface remains solid -- I may start pushing that more and more.

But right now, I'm pushing 600 folks following me on Twitter. So I'm not going any where... yet.

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