Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yeah we're movin' on up...

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Man... moving is a pain in the ass. We're not fully done, but we have quite a lot finished. And since I've been remiss about these as of late, I figured I'd crank out a Sunday Special.

Last night, I attended the AZ Podcaster's meetup. A big thanks to CJ and Dan (Love Long and Prosper) for putting it together and keep the community alive. It's been a while since I actually made a podcast, and being around active podcasters left me with the bug. Not that I'm going to do anything immediately about that bug, but know that I will soon.

I notice, too, that the social media whipping refuses to come to a close. Eley, Miller, Calacanis... and a few dozen others I've noticed around the blogosphere. As I posted last week; no, I'm not feeling the same level of stress over social media. And maybe it has to do with this "keeping up" that most detractors tend to point to as the root cause of their angst. I don't have tthis problem, as I my idea of "keeping up" simply involves creating a profile (that's easy enough) and then just waiting to see if those who want to communicate with me... communicate with me.

No, it's not difficult for me to keep up with friend requests. No, it's not difficult for me to ignore the zombie requests. There's nothing "hard" about any of this. But then again, I'm not trying to squeeze anything out of my association with these sites. I'm just... there. And if you are there... we can be there together.

I'll be the first one to say that Social Media has a long way to go before it is anywhere near as social as going out for a tea or grabbing a drink at the bar with a few friends or some new friends. But then again, maybe it never will be. I've made some cool connections with social media sites. Sure, it's been a very small number of cool connections, but I don't make that many cool connections in real life either.

Maybe I just use these differently from the rest or have different expectations than most. Whatever.


  1. That's exactly the way I see it.

    I save my h8 for MySpace! :)

  2. I don't get this naggy bitches club we call the Net see's more glory in pissing and moaning about something than dropping it and going on to something they do like. Or is it that is what they like, pissing and moaning about what they don't like. Just sayin.

  3. Clarification-naggy should have been "whiney." Also not targeted at any of the people mentioned in this post in particular. Ironically, just did a podcast covering this and was doing a blog post on related thread when I discovered this post.

  4. Congrats on the move. Normally it takes forever to get things right. Actually I've been in my current place for 2 years and still have about 10 unpacked boxes (wonder if I really need what's in those boxes).

    I really don't understand the hate and anger around some networks. I have said things like "I don't see any benefits to pownce over twitter, or I don't think I have a use for myspace". I tend to play for a bit, and sometimes they stick sometimes they don't. Depends on who's on it, and if there are features that I use.

  5. I agree, Evo.

    I do much the same with my social networking stuff. I try not to "friend" anyone I don't have some association with, so that I don't have to deal with superfluous stuff.

    Also, to second the sentiment above, I too wonder why people can't just turn off the services they don't like, but seem intent on letting everyone know their displeasure. Hrrmph!


  6. I've been in my house for almost 14 years and still have unpacked boxes. I just can't bring myself to throw them away unopened. OK, I can't get the wife to do that. I probably can.

    You're a much better man than I.

  7. I think that part of the frustration over social networks comes from the desire not to be left out. There are so many services springing up and you just know that one or two of them are going to rise to the top soon. Since we pride ourselves on being tech-savvy, no one wants to be the latecomer who only signed on to XYZ after it became popular. So everyone is hedging their bets and signing up for everything.

    Also, at least in my mind, there is a feeling that you don't get anything out of these services unless you "work" them. That means posting regularly, checking out forums, joining groups, and building your profile and friends list. I have a MySpace page but I rarely go on MySpace. Anyone who goes to my page can see that I never do anything there. So my friends who are on MySpace never contact me through that service. Basically, I have a dead page. If that is all I'm going to do, then what is the use of having a page? To be able to say I have one? I never give the link out, so that's useless.

    I had a bit of social network anxiety for about a minute :-). Now I've decided to stick with the networks that fit my interests. If you notice, there are networks springing up to fit certain niches. I belong to one now that is specifically for knitters and crocheters. I know that the majority of my online stitching buddies will be on it because it is the only one of its kind right now. I also know that I will be more likely to "work" it because there is a specific theme to discuss, rather than general networking.


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