Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 33

Five O'Clock Shadow 33

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Thanks to George from the One Minute How-To podcast for allowing me to be on his show. The topic was "How to Not Go Crazy with Twitter", but I'll give him first run at the material before I post the text here.

I really like George's show and think that anyone considering doing a podcast (or another podcast) should seriously consider the idea of "bite sized" content. It won't work for everyone, and I'm not suggesting that current podcasters change their format. Unless of course you are unhappy with the format. If so, change away.

Think about this: no one ever unsubscribed from a show because the episodes were consistently too short. They may unsubscribe -- or choose not to subscribe -- to a short show for a variety of other reasons, but I'd wager that it's not because the podcast failed to take up enough of their time.

So how long should you show be? You're asking the question wrong. How short should you show be? That's the right question. Make it as short as possible to get your point across and cover your topics -- and not a minute longer.

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