Saturday, March 31, 2007

More on using Twitter for quick mini reviews

I see Twitter as about 75% micro-blog and 25% IM, all of it with an obvious social aspect. To that end, I think (as I've said before) that it seems an excellent place to create and share reviews of newly released books, movies... anything that isn't "instant" yet has a significant "first day" draw.

The trouble is coming up with an agreed upon convention for posting these. Twitter has few rules, which is a good thing. It's up to the community to create the convention, as we have done in the case of typing '@ username' to send a personal -- yet public -- message.

What's the right convention for posting quick rating/reviews on Twitter? Here are a few ideas. Vote for the best by using one, or feel free to suggest another:

  • Twittereview - first one I used. Hard to spell. Too long.
  • Twitterwrap - nifty sounding, but could be too esoteric.
  • Tweecap - oh, I like that one. Sounds like "recap". Though there isn't enough room in Twitters 140 char to allow for a true recap.
  • Twitterize - as in 'criticize', but it sounds more like 'to make into Twitter form".
  • Tweigh - hated that as I wrote it.
  • Tweeview - seems simple enough.

I may start with the latter. Comments (or Tweets) are appreciated.

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